Steven van Lummel

During his study at the Royal Academy of Art (KABK) van Lummel worked on a social sculpture. This materialized in many different projects under the umbrella of the SBSC (Stichting ter Bevordering der Sociale Contacten) a foundation for improving social contacts. Building this social sculpture never stopped.

Steven van Lummel (’81) founded a skatepark (Sweatshop) and cultural hotspot (PIP) in his hometown The Hague. As an artist, van Lummel participated in numerous group shows and was an artist in residence in New York, Tokyo and Zaandam. With artist Jason Douglas Griffin, he has regularly created work and done art shows over the mail since 2005.  Van Lummel made a tv show in Tokyo with friend and rapper Faberyayo for Viceland called TOKYAYO.

He is part of numerous artistic music groups: Lippi Lippi, MEGA WEGA, SAUNA, Emmers, Toyota Dealer  and De Hoek.

By founding PIP Den Haag he created a place where young creative talent are given the space to work, play and fail. With collaborative projects all over the world, PIP made a mark on the city. PIP has many artistic branches: two record labels, a book publishing agency and an online TV channel.

Steven is a regular host at many festivals and events. Lowlands, Dekmantel and many more.

In 2018 he created the trilingual(English, Dutch and Japanese) children’s book Barry and Bu with Pepijn Lanen and Kentaro Okawara. In March ‘22 he will have his 4th solo show in Tokyo.

He loves to tell stories as long as it’s far from reality or exactly the truth. With Justin Verkijk, he records a monthly podcast with long stories about fast music: Bakkie Bakkie. They also made a podcast series for artist Phillip Akkerman in which they talk about his diary and death: De moord op Phillip Akkerman. With Sef, he recorded a series for the Kunstmuseum: Zin in kunst. Together with Sef, Faberyayo and Justin, he talks about different interesting and stupid things during the podcast: The best of the best.

Meanwhile, the one thing van Lummel kept doing on his own is painting.
His paintings register his mind as a stream of consciousness and by doing this he leaves a trace to find his way when he gets off track.
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